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Why can't I send e-mail?


If you suddenly can't send e-mail to anyone, there are a number of things that could be causing the problem:

You may not be authorized to send if you're not using our service to connect to the Internet. Our mail server uses a "check-before-send" authentication system to authorize users who don't have Willamette.Net Internet connections to send to remote recipients, i.e., recipients who do not have mail accounts on Willamette.Net's server. If we did not have such a system, spammers would quickly discover that they can send out reams of spam through our mail server. Our server authorizes you to send by first making sure that you can log in and check your mail. If you can, it remembers you for 48 hours, during which time you may send through the server to remote recipients. After the 48 hours has elapsed, you must check your mail again to be reauthorized to send. Just remember, "check-before-send."

Your IP address may be blocked for sending a suspiciously large number of messages. Our mail server monitors incoming messages, tallying the quantity sent from each IP, checking for spam attacks. It's not uncommon for a customer's computer (a "trusted host") to be hijacked by a virus, which will then start spamming the world through our mail server. Not a good thing. The only solution is to monitor incoming mail, and if it exceeds a threshold over a designated period of time, the offending IP will be blocked. To diagnose whether this is the case for you, we'll need your IP address, which you can obtain at

The outgoing (SMTP) server setting in your e-mail program may have been inadvertently changed. Your outgoing server should be of this format:, where "" is the part of your e-mail address to the right of the "@" sign.

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