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Are you missing e-mail?


If you're not getting e-mail that people have sent you, there's a good chance it's in your spam mailbox. That's where our spam filters put everything that looks like spam. It's a good idea to check your spam mailbox from time to time in case legitimate mail has been misclassified, known as a "false positive." To access your spam mailbox:

(1) Click the "Webmail/Account Mgr." link in the lower-left section of our front page.
(2) Click the "Webmail" link.
(3) Log in with your e-mail address and password.
(4) Click the "Spam" link on the left.

It's likely there are more spam messages than you can see on one page. If you want to see everything at once instead of a page at a time, click the "Show All" link, and then all messages will be listed so that you can simply scroll through them. If you see a message that's been intercepted by mistake, you can move it to your regular mailbox:

(1) Click the checkbox by the message you wish to move.
(2) Click the "Move" button above the message listing, making sure "INBOX" is selected in the pull-down menu. The message will be transferred to your regular mailbox.

To prevent senders' e-mail from being filtered in the future, log in to the account manager and add their e-mail addresses to SpamAssassin's white list. Then their e-mail will be passed straight through.

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